In-Service Equipment Support

Our highly skilled, multi-disciplined engineering and support team is dedicated to the delivery of an exceptional level of in-service support including industry-leading Project Planning and Project Management capabilities. Spanning Post Design Services (PDS), Contractor Logistics Support & Contracting for Availability (CLS/CFA), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Build-to-Print activities, our expertise ensures your equipment is ready to perform when you need it, wherever you need it.

The key to any effective in-service equipment support activity lies in balancing maximum equipment availability against minimal customer input. Here at ABP, this is less of a balancing act than a proven way of working. Our customers know that by partnering with us, they can count on their equipment being ready to face the very toughest challenges. Our comprehensive range of in-service equipment support activities incorporates the following elements: 

  • POST DESIGN SERVICES (PDS):  We design and supply modification kits to rapidly resolve issues that occur in a wide range of defence products. As the design authority on a number of products, including manipulators and dehumidifiers for aircraft, vessels and large vehicles. In short, we deliver long-term product support to make your life easier.

  • CONTRACTOR LOGISTICS  SUPPORT/CONTRACTING FOR AVAILABILITY: Our CLS/CFA expertise offers customers the security of knowing that their equipment will always be running now and into the future. Delivering both predicted and demanded maintenance, modification and spares, we guarantee the highest levels of availability in line with agreed, realistic performance criteria. Cooling cabinets for housing sonar systems is just one example of our CLS expertise in action.

  • INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SUPPORT (ILS):  Our engineer team’s expertise in ILS means that we can equip customers with the knowledge necessary to optimise their equipment lifecycle while minimising its required support system. By ensuring long-term, cost-effective operations, ILS is an essential part of our support package, which dovetails perfectly with our project planning and project management capabilities. 

  • BUILD-TO-PRINT:  The engineering team comprises highly experienced electromechanical engineers with state-of-the-art systems expertise. By harnessing the power of this extensive skills base, we take client designs from concept to reality, building finished specialist products for even the most demanding environments and places to suit your needs.
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