The ABL7000 is a high-performance full body EOD Bomb Suit providing protection against fragmentation, blast-overpressure, blunt trauma and heat/flame ingress. It is a complete EOD protective garment in its tenth generation with many new and innovative features to improve comfort and wearer manoeuvrability where levels of protection can be adjusted to suit operational needs. Fragmentation protection is achieved through the construction of multiple plies of water repellent treated aramid fibres contained within a nylon armour pack. Blast overpressure reduction is achieved through a special composite structure. The outer fabric of the suit is constructed from NOMEX certified flame-retardant material. Reinforced CORDURA patches are fitted to the knees, the blast plate pouch and the elbows to extend the suits wear life. A quick release system allows for the rapid removal of the jacket by the user. The ABL7000 Bomb Suit is supplied with a cooling suit and helmet with hardwire communications back to the ICP. Fragmentation testing has been conducted according to V50 STANAG 2920 using 17gr Fragment simulation projectile FSP and also to US MIL STD 662F. Test certification is available for all different armour systems and has been conducted by independent test houses. A unique feature of the ABL7000 bomb suit range is the ZONED ARMOUR that allows the user to determine and select the precise levels of protection against fragments over the body of the wearer. Our standard levels of protection can be increased or decreased according to specific user requirements. An Internal Additional Groin protector (IAGP) is fitted beneath the bomb suit trousers that provides additional fragment and flame protection to the groin area.

  • Product Number: 3492-0000

About This Product


  • Zoned armour system providing exceptional fragmentation protection
  • Two part, articulated blast plate
  • Significant blast overpressure reduction
  • Cooling suit
  • PTT hard wire communications
  • Integral back protector
  • Accessories available such as the Wrist controller and High performance Helmet & visor


  • Std Helmet with visor & demister: 5.6kg (12lb 5.53oz)
  • Jacket with sleeves & hand mittens: 10kg (22lb 0.74oz)
  • Trousers with over-boots: 9kg (19lb 13.47oz)
  • Two part blast plates: 5.6kg (13lb 3.64oz)
  • Groin protector: 0.8kg (1lb 12.22oz)
  • Integral back protector: 0.5 (1lb 1.81oz)
  • 3 x carrying bags: 3kg (6lb 9.82oz)
  • Total weight: 31.6kg (69lb 10.66oz)


  • Small: 156-175cm  (5ft 1in - 5ft 9in)
  • Medium: 165-185cm  (5ft 5in - 6ft 1in)
  • Large: 180-198cm  (5ft 11in - 6ft 6in)
  • Extra large: 195cm+ (6ft 5in+)


  • Helmet: 680 m/s
  • Visor: 800 m/s
  • Jacket Front: 600 m/s
  • Jacket Rear: 450 m/s
  • Jacket (w Blast Plate): V0 1900 m/s
  • Sleeves / Mittens: 450 m/s
  • Collar: 450 m/s
  • Collar (w Blast Plate): V0 1900 m/s
  • Groin: 600 m/s
  • Groin (w Blast Plate): V0 1900 m/s
  • Trouser Front Thigh: 700 m/s
  • Trouser Front Shin: 650 m/s
  • Trousers Rear: 450 m/s
  • Over-boots: 450 m/s


  • This system provides full duplex communications between the EOD commander and the EOD operator connected by 100m of field cable. It is used for simplicity and ease of use.
  • The integrated helmet communication headset consists of twin ultra low profile earpieces and noise cancelling microphone which connects to the common user unit via a rugged 80mm Press to Talk (PTT) unit. 
  • The helmet connector is a quick disconnect NEXUS plug and socket.
  • The EOD commanders headset is a military style, robust, single sided headset with flexible boom microphone and a mesh head strap, an in-line PTT and clothing clip.
  • The user unit is common to both the EOD commander an the EOD operator. 
  • It is powered by standard AAA batteries. 
  • The unit is ON whenever a headset or 80mm PTT unit is connected. 
  • The units have volume control, LED power on indicators and military specification Amphenol sockets for headgear connection. 
  • The easy connect line termination posts are suitable to screw down connection of the cable banana plug.


  • A wireless communication system is also available on request to provide extended and unrestricted movement.


  • An integral back protector is fitted into the back of the jacket.
  • This is constructed from D3O shear thickening material.
  • CE Certified EN1621-2 Level 2
  • Breathable through Air Wave technology
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Thickness of 18mm


  • The ABL7000 Bomb Suit offers two helmet solutions, the standard Contender Helmet; a closed face helmet and the Sentinel; an open Faced helmet which is CBRN compatible.
  • The helmets are constructed from 100% para aramid fibres providing excellent weight to performance characteristics, finished with a robust two part epoxy paint which is available in a range of colours.
  • The helmets can be provided with fragmentation protection of 650m/s or 700m/s on request.


  • Helmet shell with comfort liner
  • Two point harness with adjustable chin cup
  • Removable visor
  • Low noise helmet mounted fan assembly with speed adjuster and battery charge indicator
  • Helmet mounted LED torch
  • Provision for communication microphone and hearing ear pieces


  • The wrist controller for the ABL7000 suit has been designed to offer the operator control over the fan speed for the helmet demisting fan and operation for the light on and off as and when required.
  • The controller is located on the left arm and is secured with Velcro patches. 
  • The cable is fitted over the sleeve through two Velcro flaps which are secured with Velcro along the length.
  • The Wrist controller has three keypad buttons:
  • Helmet light On/Off
  • Fan speed & airflow increase
  • Fan speed & airflow decrease

COOLING SUIT [3492-0010]:

  • ABP offers a whole body cooling under suit with hood which uses chilled water to reduce body temperature. 
  • This one size fits all accessory is worn as an undergarment beneath the bomb suit. 
  • It has a matrix of silicon tubes and connectors to distribute the water around the body.
  • Heat removal rate of 270 watts (full suit)
  • Endurance minimum 45 minutes at 35°C (95° F)
  • Cooling suit pump flow rate up to 500 ml/min.
  • Battery run time at normal flow rates of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Cooling Suit: 1.3kg  (2lb 13.85oz)
  • Battery: 0.9kg  (1lb 15.75oz)
  • Pump, control unit & water bottle 1.5kg  (3lb 4.91oz)
  • Total weight of kit: 4.6kg  (10lb 2.26oz)

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