The ATLAS 250 RC is a radio controlled electronic exploder designed for remote firing of electric detonators. It is compact, robust, powerful and can be used with a range of ABP disruptors. The ATLAS 250 RC kit features one control unit, five receiver units and a shocktube adaptor packaged in a waterproof transit case. The controller and receiver housings are made of rugged aluminium, are IP67 waterproof and NATO green in colour. They are powered by widely available lithium CR123 batteries. The exploder controller has 6 days of autonomy in sleep mode. The receiver units each control one firing line and integrate a line-continuity test. They are equipped with versatile sockets, allowing the leads to be directly clamped or connected by any type of 4mm banana plugs. The control unit enables the user to remotely control the receiver units individually, simultaneously or by group (user allocated). The control panel indicates in real time the important information from the receiver units: the battery voltage, the status of the radio communication, the step in the firing sequence (receiver not armed, receiver armed, capacitors charging, fully charged) and any faults. The operation of the exploder ATLAS 250 RC is straight forward and intuitive. The firing sequence consists in several steps, in order to strictly prevent accidental firing and thus ensure the user’s safety: safety delay, arming of the receiver units, capacitor’s charging and finally firing. An ATLAS 250 RC with three receivers (3449-0060) is also available.

  • Product Number: 3449-0061

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