The ATLAS 350 is an electronic capacitor exploder designed for firing electric detonators. It is compact in size, rugged in design and can be used with a range of abp disruptors. The Atlas 350 features one firing output, equipped with safety sockets, in order to avoid user contact with dangerous output voltages. The exploder is very easy to use, pressing the CH button charges the capacitors, when the capacitors are charged, firing can be triggered by simultaneously pressing the CH and F button. If more power is needed, the capacitors can be charged to a higher voltage by holding the CH button for three more seconds after initial confirmed charging. There is also an integrated A line continuity test. The ATLAS 350 is equipped with versatile sockets that allow the user to directly clamp the firing leads or to connect any type of 4 mm banana plugs. The exploder’s power is supplied by a single lithium photo battery (cheap and widespread). A bi-colour LED indicates the charge of the battery. The Atlas 350 is housed in a robust aluminium box with polyester control panels that integrate the buttons and the lights. The LEDs’ luminosity level can be selected by the user and thus adapted to the work conditions (day/night). NSN: 1375-959-4402

  • Product Number: 3449-0040

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