The ABP Splat Round is a frangible projectile used with the ABL2000 and ABL3000 de-armers containing 50 grams of NP-Y-500 Newplast and sealed with a black plastic heatshrink sleeve. The Splat Round is used to remove timer power units (TPUs) or render safe IEDs when there is a risk of initiating a large main charge or a possible large secondary hazard. In addition, it can be used for punching through car doors and windows to hit an IED on the inside of the vehicle or assist in breaching and rapid entry. The Newplast Splat round holds its shape allowing for a stand-off capabaility out to 20 metres. The De-armer Splat Round projectile is supplied 15 rounds per box.

  • Product Number: 3395-128

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