The Guardian ROV is a unique combination of size, payload capacity, reach, dexterity, manoeuvrability and operability supporting EOD missions in both rural and urban settings. The Guardian ROV has been developed to ensure that integration with related equipment and payloads is straightforward. With its quick-change equipment carrier on the payload head you can fit a number of disruptors, X-ray systems and many more accessories with ease. The Guardian’s future proof design and open architecture ensures that your ROV will stand against time whilst eclipsing the capabilities of its current competitors. When it comes to capacity and dexterity, the Guardian’s hybrid extending and folding arm is strong and robust, allowing the deployment of significant payloads up to 30kg. The extension capability avoids deployment difficulties in confined spaces often encountered by the conventional folding arm. The Guardian ROV is supplied as a standard ROV unit with radio communications and its control station.

  • Product Number: 3278-8000

About This Product


  • MESH radio system with custom selectable frequency and 1km + line of sight range
  • Video Recording functionality
  • Large range of accessories
  • Reach of over 2m
  • CBRN Detectors compatible
  • GPS location receiver
  • ROV Battery Duration 2 hours operational
  • Control Station Battery Duration 2 hours operational


  • MESH Radio system
  • Radio/fibre optic controlled with Manual switch
  • Video display, 14” LCD display with 10” video playback
  • 7” touch screen for ROV commands
  • Vehicle drive, proportional joystick control
  • Mast/Head control joystick
  • Arm extension and retraction, Proportional joystick control
  • Automatic configuration for stair climb and descent
  • Multiple selection/combination of cameras
  • Colour camera zoom control
  • Arm control for 4 firing circuits with visual indication of armed status
  • Manipulator rotate and jaw control
  • Video Recording Box functionality


  • Fibre Optic Spooler
  • CBRN Detector
  • Manipulator (100mm span)
  • Manipulator (200mm span)
  • Water disruptors (3kg Max)
  • De-armer systems (3kg Max)
  • Quick fit Wheel Kit
  • X-ray System
  • Explosives/Chemical Detectors
  • Bespoke Mounts
  • PTZ Camera
  • Shotgun Mount Kit
  • Hook/Claw & Window Breaker Kit
  • Logistics Controller


  • Horizontal reach of 2.4m (from centre of turret)
  • Vertical reach of approx 2.68m (tip-toe mode)
  • Maximum arm angle of 85° (vertical)
  • Miniumum arm angle of -10° (below horizontal)
  • Max Payload 10kg (fully extended)
  • Max Payload 30kg (fully retracted)
  • Head pan capability of 80° Clockwise
  • Head pan capability of 163° Anti-clockwise
  • Mount tilt capability of 105° upward and 110° downward from horizontal position
  • Head vertical tilt of -174° from straight


  • Maximum stair angle 45° steeper angles possible with manual configuration
  • Maximum riser height 200mm
  • Maximum tread 200mm
  • Typical obstacle climbing height of 450mm (manual configuration)
  • Can traverse a typical gap/ditch of 450mm
  • Ability to fit 4 wheels for rural and off road capability
  • Track system retained when wheels are fitted to assist obstacle negotiation
  • Operator controlled (or automatic) brakes to hold vehicle stationary on stairs or slopes
  • Open Doors
  • Move Furniture
  • Search Overhead Lockers
  • Search Underneath Vehicles/Seats
  • Search Vehicle Boots, Trunks, Engine Compartments, etc.
  • Paved/Tarmac
  • Open Country
  • Urban Settings
  • Undergrowth
  • Sand
  • Aircraft Steps
  • Aircraft Aisle
  • Bus & Train
  • Ship’s Gangway
  • Ship/Submarine passageway
  • Stair climb/descend capability (tracked configuration only)


  • 4 Colour cameras standard
  • 1 Main wide angle camera (14 X Optical zoom + 12 times digital zoom) auto and manual settings
  • LED & Infra-red Ring for low light
  • 1 Mast camera Wide-angle viewing lens (120°) 
  • Auto Infra-red light ring for low light
  • 2 fixed Chassis cameras Colour, wide angle (120°) 
  • Auto 1 forward 1 rearward Infra-red light ring for low light.
  • Optional PTZ camera 360° rotation, 300° vertical rotation, mast mounted at 0 to 105°
  • Flexible Radio antenna ROV mounted
  • Two-way audio
  • Narrow bandwidth
  • Encryption option available
Basic ROV Weight
Basic ROV Width Tracked
Basic ROV Width Wheeled
Basic ROV Length
Basic ROV Height
Horizontal Reach
Vertical Reach
Speed on Wheels
Lift at no extension
Lift at full extension
Stair Climb
45 Degrees max
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