The ABP Solex is a military grade battery powered exploder designed to be operated with one hand in a wide variety of environmental and operational conditions whilst wearing CBRN or cold weather clothing. Electrical detonators are connected to the exploder using a variety of electrical cables. It can fire up to 2 detonators in a firing circuit over a distance of 1000m on 50 separate consecutive occasions (full battery charge dependent). The Solex is powered by four commercially available double AA single cell dry batteries with no requirement for any external battery charger. The Solex exploder can also be supplied with a Shock-tube Adaptor (STA) that when required is connected to the Solex by sliding the STA onto the base rail until its connectors press into the terminal assembly. Shock-tube guides can then be selected to enable the use of various Shock-tube sizes. The ARM and FIRE switches are fitted on one side of the case for operation with the index and middle finger. The TEST button is fitted on the top along with a LED firing counter (re-set with a battery change), a test indicator and an armed indicator. As standard the Solex is supplied with a carrying pouch that will hold the exploder, the STA, the shock-tube guides and a spare set of batteries. NSN: 1375-99-447-1772

  • Product Number: 3134-9500/9000

About This Product


  • One handed operation even when wearing NBC gloves
  • Max output capacity 7.8 Joules
  • Usage counter
  • Environmentally protected to IP67
  • Firing Circuit integrity test facility
  • Temperature Range -19°C to +49°C
  • Storage temperature range -19°C to +49C
  • Pouch can be fitted to standard webbing/PLCE


  • Continuity is achieved within one second of pressing the TEST button
  • Arming is achieved within four seconds of pressing the ARM button
  • Firing is achieved within 100ms of pressing the FIRE button
  • If the ARM button is released the unit returns to the fully disarmed state within one second

STA Length
STA Width
STA Height
STA Weight
Shock-tube Blue
2mm Ø
Shock-tube Red
2.5mm Ø
Shock-tube Green
3mm Ø
Shock-tube Yellow
3.75mm Ø
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