International Women in Engineering Day

Sally-Megan has been working with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Product Development Team for the last 3 years and has gained significant experience of the EOD products, their performance and design parameters. Sally-Megan says she loves the variety of product design work and how she can influence the products produced by ABP for operationally deployed EOD operators. Her new role is to work closely with the other ABP engineers to provide a wider product focus, ensuring that the complete range of ABP designs, equipment and systems are consistent, complete and supported. We pride ourselves on the reliability and quality of our products, but that can only be achieved by designing these aspects right from the very start and with an end-user perspective in mind. Sally-Megan’s knowledge and strong product skillset from the EOD Team is a valued addition to the wider ABP Design Team and offers us a greater capability to deal with all our engineering design work. Keep up the good work Sally-Megan.

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