The Ballistic Paw is a user-filled binary explosive solution for both EOD high and low order render safe techniques. It is transported and classified as a UN Class 3 Non-explosive Flammable Liquid but once suitably mixed with a small quantity of sensitizer it can be used for EOD operations where a high-explosive (HE) shaped-charge is required. The complete Ballistic Paw kit provides all the shaped-charges, chemicals and accessories for 46 firings in two rugged plastic cases. Alternatively, the binary explosive solution can be used as a bulk explosive in close contact with munitions for demolition of Battle Area Clearance (BAC) munitions. In addition, the Ballistic Paw can be use in an explosive breaching capability, breaching a 60mm steel door.

  • Product Number: 3461-010

About This Product


  • Security
  • Transportability
  • Compatibility
  • Shipping
  • Product costs


  • UN Class 3 Flammable Liquid (Air/Land/Sea/Rail) for movement
  • 27% greater power than TNT equivalent
  • VOD approx 6800 m/s
  • 1620 Peli Case – approved packaging (27kg total weight) 40 units
  • 2400 Peli “Storm” Case – approved packaging (7kg total weight) 6 units
  • Device all up weight – 350gm
  • Minimum initiation via any military or civillian detonators No.8 or above, as well as det cord boosters
  • EOD uses for all munitions ranging from Anti-personnel Landmines to large metal cased munitions (can be used in tandem on larger targets employing the vent and burn technique)
  • Directional – point focal
  • Steel Plate > 15mm penetration
  • Simple tripod 45 degree attack angle – can be fired on all axis planes
  • No tools required, simple to use and minimal training required
  • Rapid deployment times and stand down times (Det removed, liquid poured out immediately making device safe)
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