The Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment (LMDE) has been developed to disrupt thin cased seamines that have been attached to the hull of a ship or an underwater installation. The LMDE comprises of a disruptor system mounted in a stand that is attached to the hull or structure using magnets. The LMDE is diver deployable and has buoyancy blocks fitted to the stand to assist carrying and placement. The system would normally be prepared on deck or land then positioned adjacent to the target. Once in position the stand has features to allow the barrel to be accurately adjusted and positioned against the target. In operation, the LMDE projects a slug of water at high velocity into the target. This water penetrates the skin of the target and disrupts the explosive filling and detonation mechanism providing a high degree of confidence that detonation will be avoided. The energy required to project the water is derived from an electrically initiated cartridge. The LMDE is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials throughout, the stand being of hard anodised aluminium and stainless-steel construction. The disruptor is of stainless-steel construction which is pressure tested and flaw detected before supply. The LMDE is supplied as Box 1 (3296-0201) & 2 (3296-0202), collectively containing the stand and barrels with accessories for firing and maintaining the kit. Box 1 NSN: 1385-99-533-1203 Box 2 NSN: 1385 99 965 7250

  • Product Number: 3296-0200

About This Product


  • Block Buoyancy Centre 100091-0001-001
  • Block Buoyancy RH 100091-0001-002
  • Block Buoyancy LH 100091-0001-003
  • Stand Magnetic 100091-0002-ASY
  • Sleeve (2) 100091-0002-005
  • Clamp (2) 100091-0002-006
  • Securing Band (Buoy blocks) (2) 100091-0002-007
  • Spanner Open Jaw Fixed 100091-0002-008
  • Case (LMDE) 100091-0010-ASY
  • Stand Magnetic Assy 100091-0012-001
  • Rod Ejector 100091-0013-001
  • Contents Card, Box 1 3296-0203
  • Handbook 3296-0205
  • Magnet, Curved (4) MAGN-0003
  • Magnet, Curved (4) MAGN-0004
  • Hex Key, 6mm TOOL-0024
  • Spanner Double Open, 13x17mm TOOL-0060


  • Case Assy (LMDE) 3296-021
  • Contents Card, Box 2 3296-0204
  • Injector Assembly (2) 3296-0210
  • Brush Handle BRUS-0001
  • Brush Ø32 x 175mm BRUS-0003
  • 1ltr Bottle with Cap CONT-0002
  • Screwdriver Small TOOL-0015
  • Screwdriver Large TOOL-0016
Disruptor Length
Main Body Diameter
30mm Ø
Rear Body Diameter
51mm Ø
Box 1 Weight
Box 1 Length
Box 1 Width
Box 1 Height
Box 2 Weight
Box 2 Length
Box 2 Width
Box 2 Height
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