The Mantis is a general purpose, ultra lightweight, single use, disposable disruptor designed to defeat Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) where weight and ease of deployment are critical such as Assault or Special Force operations. The Mantis has been developed specifically to offer a lightweight disruptor capability having equivalent performance to ABP’s other general purpose disruptors carrying out render safe procedures on IEDs packaged in containers such as parcels, briefcases or small items. The Mantis has been tested using impact measurement, radiography, high speed photography & simulated targets to positively verify absolute and comparative performance. The Mantis is also suited for use on small ROVs with limited payload carrying capability or to allow multiple weapons to be carried by a single ROV. The Mantis is a single shot device, which is supplied with a piston in place along with a closure cap and breech. It is self contained with no cleaning or ancillary equipment required and no armoury/maintenance needed. The Mantis operates using the Pigstick 3476-0301 cartridge. NSN: 1385-99-724-7514

  • Product Number: 3321-000

About This Product


  • The Barrel is chemically inert and stable over normal EOD operating temperatures.
  • Preparation is straightforward and miss-assembly is precluded due to piston in place delivery
  • Operates using the 3476-0301 Pigstick cartridge available from ABP


  • Disruptor Calibre: 26.5mm
  • Water Charge: 140ml
  • Barrel Material: Thermostat Elastomer
  • Breech Material: HDPE
Disruptor Weight
Disruptor Length
Main Body Diameter
48mm Ø
Rear Body Diameter
73mm Ø
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