The ABL1000 Recoilless Disruptor and De-armer has been developed as a dual role equipment to defeat the threat posed by both IEDs and UXO. When used as a disruptor, the ABL1000, equipped with the supplied disruption barrel, will project a high pressure water jet into the suspect device disrupting the firing circuit and providing a high probability of avoiding detonation. When used as a De-armer, fitted with the supplied De-Armer barrel, it is able to fire a selection of steel slugs, chisels or forks to remove or neutralise the fuzes of air dropped ordnance and some land service ammunition. In De-armer mode the ABL1000 may also be used to neutralise IEDs such as pipe bombs and other metal cased devices. The ABL1000 is completely recoilless in operation and as such ensures minimal collateral damage in operation and enhances the safety of the operator. The Disruptor and De-armer is a multi-shot device capable of many firings and requires minimum maintenance. Training may be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its service performance. ABL1000 may be deployed manually by placing on a suitable surface such as a car seat or sandbag or mounted using the supplied lightweight stand. Preparation of the disruptor is straightforward and quick to achieve and may be carried out remotely from the target to enhance operator safety. The ABL1000 is constructed from corrosion resistant materials. Prior to release each unit is subjected to overpressure and flaw detection tests. NSN: 1385-99-130-7103

  • Product Number: 3038-0200

About This Product


  • Projectile Fork Assembly (2) 3030-107
  • Bottle, Synthetic Oil 150ml 3030-120
  • ABL1000 Handbook 3038-105
  • Barrel Disruptor 3038-112
  • Barrel De-Armer 3038-113
  • Breech Body 3038-114
  • Breech Plug (2) 3038-115
  • Tommy Bar 3038-117
  • Piston L2 A1 (10) 3038-118
  • Piston Compensator (42) 3038-119
  • Loading Tool Assembly 3038-120
  • Recoil Compensator 3038-124
  • Projectile Chisel (3) 3038-125
  • Projectile Plain (3) 3038-126
  • Shaft Blade (3) 3038-128
  • Cap Closure (10) 3038-129
  • De-Armer Stand Assembly 3038-130-ASY
  • Blade Assy (3) 3038-151
  • Plug Tube End (42) 3038-158
  • Instruction Card 3038-159
  • Brush Large 3038-222
  • Brush Small 3038-223
  • IM3100 Case Foam 3038-306
  • Over Pressuer Test Certificate 3038-OPT/CERTS
  • 1Ltr Bottle with Cap ABL1000/19
  • Resealable Polythene bag, 57x57mm ABL900/19
  • ‘O’ Ring Seal Kit ABL900/22
  • Pelicase IM3100 Peli IM3100
  • IM3100 Lid Foam IM3100 Lid Foam
  • MSDS for Young’s 303 Oil 3389-005 MSDS
  • ‘O’ Ring-Body (2) 202-784-4470
Disruptor Weight
Disruptor Length
Main Body Diameter
35.7mm Ø
De-armer Weight
De-armer Length
Kit Case Weight
Kit Case Length
Kit Case Width
Kit Case Height
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