The ABL900 (Dragon) De-armer has been developed to render safe a variety of air dropped munitions, land service ammunition and some types of IEDs. The ABL900 De-armer achieves disarming by projecting appropriately shaped steel projectiles at high velocity into the fuzes of conventional munitions or into the bodies of IED’s. The de-armer is a two piece equipment comprising of a conventional or recoil reducing barrel with cartridge chamber and a breech plug into which a cartridge is inserted. When used with the recoil reducing barrel, recoil is reduced from 30m to approximately 5m. This reduced recoil allows the de-armer to be used in areas where collateral damage is of particular concern. A tether device can be fitted at the same time for situations where there is a danger of losing the De-armer upon firing, i.e. on a river bank or adjacent to a ship’s side. The ABL900 de-armer is a multi-shot device capable of many firings with minimal maintenance required. Maintenance is straightforward and all tools and equipment are supplied. Training may be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its service performance. Spare parts and consumables are minimal and contained in the kit. Cleaning, routine inspection and maintenance can be achieved in a matter of minutes. The de-armer is constructed from corrosion resistant materials. Prior to release, each equipment is subjected to an over pressure test and flaw detection. NSN: 1385-99-004-0262

  • Product Number: 3030-100

About This Product


  • Brush Handle 3030-050
  • Barrel Long 3030-101
  • Barrel Short 3030-102
  • Breech Plug (2) 3030-103
  • Anti Roll Restraint 3030-104
  • Projectile Fork Assy (2) 3030-107
  • Seal Kit (QTY 20 O’Rings) 3030-111
  • Bottle Synthetic Oil 150ml 3030-120
  • Contents Card 3030-150
  • ABL900 Handbook 3030-151
  • Case Assy 3030-300
  • Projectile Chisel (5) 3038-125
  • Projectile Plain (5) 3038-126
  • Brush Ø32 x 125 LG A31PE
  • Brush Cleaning SM973


  • Blade Modified 3338-151
  • Shaft 3030-100
Standard Weight
Standard Length
Standard Diameter
60mm Ø
Recoil Reduced Weight
Recoil Reduced Length
Recoil Reduced Diameter
60mm Ø
Kit Case Weight
Kit Case Length
Kit Case Width
Kit Case Height
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