The Pigstick Lightweight is a general-purpose water jet disruptor, suitable for render safe procedures on IEDs such as parcels and briefcases. Made of non-corroding titanium, this disruptor is extremely lightweight and is ideal for personnel to carry, or for use on small Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) on which payload weight needs to be kept to a minimum. The Pigstick Lightweight disruptor is a multi-shot device capable of many firings and requires minimal maintenance. Training may be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its service performance. The Pigstick Lightweight may be deployed using the supplied anti-roll clamp, an optional lightweight or telescopic stand or by mounting to a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) such as the ABP Guardian and Sentinel. Preparation of the disruptor is straightforward and quick to achieve and may be carried out remotely from the target to enhance operator safety. Prior to release each equipment is subjected to an over pressure test and flaw detection. The Pigstick Lightweight can be supplied with the ABP Disruptor Parachute Retarding System (D-PRS) designed to slow and reduce the distances after deployment. NSN: 1385-99-671-4765

  • Product Number: 3354-000

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  • Screwdriver Large3320-002
  • Screwdriver Small3320-003
  • Laminated Contents3354-005
  • Handbook3354-006
  • Clamp, Injector 3354-008
  • Disruptor Assembly3354-010
  • Carry Case3354-040
  • 1 ltr Bottle with Cap ABL1000-19
  • BrushBrush HG
  • Brush Handle3320-008
  • Loading ToolTX1454
Disruptor Weight
Disruptor Length
Main Body Diameter
32mm Ø
Rear Body Diameter
48mm Ø
Holdall Weight
Holdall Length
Holdall Width
Holdall Height
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